When decorating your home, you want to appeal to all five senses. While most understand that you want a room to be visually pleasing, the other four senses come into play to add to the ambiance. What we see evokes how we feel. When you see grand, wooden beams jetting above, you feel grounded and earthy. When you see a shaggy rug, you can think of how it may feel between your toes. When you see sleek, white marble, you feel mental clarity and space. The common denominator to evoke these feelings is texture.

Texture is how to transform a room from having a flat affect to one of depth. A room that consists of a balanced amount of textures will feel more complete and engaging. However, too many textures can overwhelm. For instance, when visually decorating a room, you want to have a focal point. When you don’t have focal point, your eye gets lost in the details—a painting, magazines on the table, plants, picture frames, an oriental rug, throw pillows, tiles, shelving, patterned armchairs. While all these elements can be included in a room, they need to be cohesive and have commonality. While you may be familiar with a color scheme—start to be thinking of a “texture scheme.”

A “texture scheme” is strategically cultivating the use of three different textures. Think smooth, subtle, and heavy. The heavy texture could translate either as rough, natural elements like wood, or it could be soft to the touch but busy to the eye like a shaggy rug. For example, in a bathroom, you will naturally have smooth textures with quartz countertops, a porcelain tub, tiles, and glass. So, think how you could introduce subtle texture by adding towels on display or woven baskets for storage. Then, the heavy texture could be a fuzzy rug or a focal point of driftwood. When looking through the lens of texture, you will see those design elements become three-dimensional when considering how they feel to the touch.

Texture also creates interest in a room that is monochromatic. Shades of white or neutrals can make a rich statement when using the guiding “texture scheme.” When the colors are all similar, you can still have an inviting room because the textures create the feeling of coziness, stability, and peace. Let’s just say that textures add that “magic touch” to a room!


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