It may not take a scientist to figure out that living on or near the beach can be extremely beneficial for one's health, but it just so happens that scientist now have proof. According to The University of Exeter's European Centre for the Environment and Human Health, studies show that natural water environments contribute to whole body health, mental, and emotional well being. Dr. David Katz, director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine also confirms the profits of ocean side residency. 

Because we are in the business of selling beach front properties, we wanted to do a little research ourselves. What could be better than purchasing a property that was good for the health and could help you live a longer fuller life? What we found was amazing.

Here are several scientifically proven benefits of living near or on water, especially the warm sugar white beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast.

  1. Stress Reduction - It seems the constant churning of the waters is soothing. Sitting and listening to the waves can calm the heart rate down to a steady beat, it also causes the mind to relax.
  2. Contentment - Most living along a coastal area are more content, less distracted with what could contribute to the above.
  3. Physically Active - Walking on the beach is just one of the many activities that you can do along the coast that really doesn't seem like exercise. Walking in the sand is highly beneficial and less expensive than most gyms.
  4.  Vitamin D - With depression at an all time high, the natural sunlight provides the needed antidote. It also improves your autoimmune system, increases endorphins, and lowers the risk of cancer.
  5. Insomnia Relief - Coastal communities have less artificial lightening as well as a natural filter for noisy traffic.
  6. Creativity Promotion - It could be that the relaxation provides a quite time for creativity to awaken.
  7. Respiratory Health - Breathing in salty air is actually beneficial to your lungs, plus those dealing with allergies contributed to pollen are in a safe zone. 
  8. Elevated Energy Levels -  Not only is the salt water good for your lungs, the chemistry balances out serotonin levels and increases your body's absorption of oxygen better.
  9. Swimming - One of the best forms of exercise that boosts circulation without harsh reactions to your skeletal system or joints. 
  10. Arthritis Help - The combination of seawater and sand minerals is a natural healing agent, not to mention a great skin exfoliant to keep clean, healthy and rejuvenated.

So there you have it. Some of our top benefits for living near the beach. Give us a call today. We will be more than happy to help you find your perfect spot along the Alabama Gulf Coast.