2016 has been a great year and looking back, we owe it all to our clients. We would like to thank you for your patience, your kindness, your hard work that makes our work worth it.

We appreciate the many sellers who trusted us with their homes.  We know how much you put into making a house a home and when it comes to letting it go, how difficult it can sometimes be.

We appreciate the many buyers that choose us for their journey into the unknown. We love more than anything the smile of satisfaction of finding that perfect dream place.

We don’t want to stop at just the buying or selling of real estate, we want to help you through each transition, whether it be a difficult one or a much anticipated one.

2016 is a year that we want to look back on and know that we did our very best in serving our clients. To us, it isn’t just property we are selling, it’s a lifestyle and community.

Hopefully, when we help buyers find a property, we are helping them acquire a future that’s filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment. With our sellers, we hope we are helping them to release the past to be able to embrace the future with open arms.

So, thank you for choosing us to serve you this year, for making us who we are. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. May 2017 be your best year yet.

As always, please keep us in mind if you are looking to purchase or sell a piece of property. Give us a call, text or email today. We look forward to assisting you in all of your real estate needs.


“Small Town - Big Beach” - it’s who we are.

Best Regards,

Lacie Maynard & Company